Arduino CNC Isolation Shield

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This is a newly designed shield for the Arduino UNO running with GRBL firmware.

Common issues with the Arduino as an CNC controller, is that it’s very sensitive to external interference. For example, EMF created from the stepper motor wires.

This board was designed and provides the following advantages above other CNC Arduino add-ons:

  • improved noise immunity because of the output buffering and the opto insulation of inputs – the board pays out quickly as there are no broken tools or damaged milled objects cause by hanging the machine or miss responding. The combination “this shield + Arduino UNO” yields a professional CNC controller which is worth much more.
  • Allows robust and professional wiring of steppers and sensors.
  • Compact and slim design tuned precisely to Arduino UNO
  • Embedded lots of know-how from the GRBL community

When you have weird experiences from the Arduino controller, for example, CNC Controller hanging, incorrect movement and just unexplained events, you might benefit from using this shield.

Download the manual here: GRBL Shield Manual v2

Features of this shield are the following:

  • Buffered outputs and Opto isolated inputs, for supreme noise immunity
  • Opto isolated inputs for the probe, limits and any switches connected to the Arduino
  • LED indicators for all the limits as well as the probe input
  • Proper regulated power for the Arduino and reverse connection protection
  • Simple and easy use of external and bigger stepper drivers

Included are one Arduino CNC Isolation Shield and mounting hardware.

Try one, you won’t be sorry.

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  1. olivierEbeniste

    Hello I am a wood worker and designer, I managed to build a CNC arduino controler using this shield, I am very happy with the result. It allowed me to neatly connect all my parts to my arduino board, and of course it works perfectly well, thank you very much !

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